5 Important Things Before Making a Website / Blog


In creating a website or blog, of course there are several things that must be considered. Especially for those who have not understood at all what is actually a website or blog. To deal with this, there is a lot of information that must be considered before making a website or blog. What are the important things that must be considered before creating a website or blog ? The following is a review that the TechKhabri blog has summarized for you.  

1. Setting up a domainThe first important thing that you should pay attention to when creating a website or blog to run smoothly is to prepare a domain. What is a domain? A domain is something you need in creating a website or blog.In preparing and choosing a domain, you should use a simple and easy domain to remember. So when someone wants to go back to your website or blog, they immediately remember your domain name.

2. Choosing hostingThe second thing that is equally important from the domain is that even closely related to the domain is hosting. Hosting is something that is also needed in creating a website or blog. When you choose hosting you should choose one that has good, safe, and credible credibility. It’s easy to access and has good service for its customers, this is because it will help you if there is a problem with the hosting you are using on your website or blog. 

3. ThemesThe use of themes is also an important thing that must be considered in making a website or blog. Because this theme is available with different types and views, you better choose a theme that suits you and of course also has a good function for your website.

4. PluginsThe fourth important thing is the plugin, in making a website you can choose various types of plugins. Among other things, the All in One SEO Pack plugin, Akismet Plugin, Anti Virus Plugin, and many others, please search and use it according to the needs of your website and blog. 

5. Opt in formThe last thing that must also be prepared in making a blog or website is the form opt in. This opt in form can be used by website owners to interact with people who participate in the website activities and for the followers of the website, this form can be a notification provider of the website’s development or activity. 
That’s 5 important things that must be considered before making a website or blog. 
Hopefully helpful, and thank you.


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