Difference between NonHosted and Hosted Google AdSense

Of course those who have Google AdSense will have their own satisfaction rather than using Ads like CPM, which in my opinion makes the blog intricate and unpleasant to visit.

Why do you have your own satisfaction?
Because it is very difficult especially for me who are beginners to get your blog accepted and visitors must also have to bring visitors from Google and don’t forget to install complementary blogs like TOS, Disclaimer, Privacy and Policy and About Me or About Blog.

Did you know that Google AdSense has 2 types of accounts, but it still has the same function but let’s review it now.

Google AdSense Hosted

  • Registration is arguably easier because it only passes 1 review process.
  • Only can be used on Blogspot Platform and Youtube.
  • Ad Code that can only be installed the same as above, can be two Blogspot accounts.
  • Cannot be paired in TLD / Top Level Domain
  • Which is definitely free because you didn’t buy the TLD first

NonHosted Google AdSense

  • The registration is more complicated because it passes through two very detailed review processes.
  • Can be used / registered that has a custom domain TLD such as .net .com .org and others “
  • What is certain is that you have to tackle pocket money each year to rent / buy TLDs.
  • Very Sensitive to Violations

If it is concluded Hosted only for Blogspot and Youtube, Non hosted can be in all TLDs, But registering AdSense is not as easy as turning your palm, if you are interested please read the TOS / Google Policy.

This is the
difference between non-hosted and hosted Google AdSense. Hopefully, thank you and thank you.


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