Script Anti Boom Click for Blogger, URL Shortener Site And Any PHP Site


ANTI BOOM SCRIPT CLICK ADSENSE For Blogger And URL Shortener – When talking about anti-boom adsense clicks, of course we will talk about adsense security. For an adsense publisher like me, the click adsense boom is one of the most frightening things.Click boom is where when a visitor or anyone clicks on adsense ads repeatedly.
You need to know, this blog has been warned by adsense due to invalid click and invalid traffic. Then, my account was suspended for a month. From there I learned and shared experiences with beginner adsense publishers.

As reported by the adsense program policy, each publisher is prohibited from clicking on their own ads and telling anyone to click on their adsense ads.There are publishers who adhere to these rules, there are also those who ignore it.As a result, the adsense account was blocked. Then, google adsense also prohibits the existence of excessive ad clicks or click boom because it will be suspected of fraud committed by the publisher. There are also publishers who have complied with the adsense rules, but still have a boom of clicks from others.

Why do other people make a click adsense boom on a blog?There are several factors that other people make an adsense click boom on our blog.1. The envy of other people see the productivity of our blog so that he tries to make adsense block our blog.2. The number of ads that hinder visitors so that clicks occur continuously by visitors to the blog.
How do you prevent the adsense click boom?There are actually several ways, but this time I will give you a trick to prevent the adsense click boom of the blog by using an anti-boom script for blogger and URL Shortener Site, click on the adsense blog . Here’s the script.
Adsense Anti Bomb Click Script Blog and How to Pair it.1. Enter your blogger account .2. In the left menu, click template / theme.3. Click Edit HTML .4. After that, look for the <head> code and place the following script below it.

<script src = ‘https: //’> 
</ script> 
<script src =’ http: // /adsshieldasmin.js’> 
</ script>
5. Save the template / save theme .
That’s the most effective way to prevent bomb click adsense in blogs . It is important to always maintain the security of your adsense account. Continue to monitor its progress. If there is something suspicious like a sudden statistic, immediately report it to the Official Invalid Activity Form From Adsense .
Hopefully this article is useful, Thank you!


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