Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking on Blogger


Alexa ranking is very important to know the potential and popularity of your website or blog on the internet. Alexa collects all the complete and detailed information on a website and blog from all over the world, with the help of this data Alexa estimates the ranking of your website or blog.

Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking on Blogger

According to Alexa, the lower the ranking of your website or blog, the better the pupularity and potential. For example, your Google Alexa Rank is 1 in Indonesia, this shows that your website and blog are very popular in Indonesia and have very good potential.

Improving Alexa Ranking is not as difficult as you think, the basic steps and the following simple tips can help you to increase your Alexa rank easily. Let’s see what these tips are.

Writing Unique Content

Quality and unique content can significantly increase the ranking of your website or blog, because it helps Google crawl your blog and also make your readers know your content. Writing unique and relevant content drives more traffic to your blog. This will increase the popularity of your website which positively increases Alexa ranking.

Use ALT Tags in Image Content

Don’t underestimate the functions and benefits of ALT tags, or novice bloggers might know what ALT Tags are. ALT Tags are text that helps Google to read your blog. You can add ALT Tags to all images contained in the post with keywords or relevant post titles.

Building Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for a website or blog, especially if you want to achieve the goal by taking a position on the first page of Google, so you must build quality backlinks. Building backlinks does not mean putting your blog link on any website or blog, but you should see the popularity of websites that will be used as backlinks. 

If your blog ranks high on the first page of Google, of course this can bring more traffic to your blog and increase its popularity also help increase your Alexa ranking.

Social media

Even if you don’t miss out on the last point, Social Media. Social media also has an important role in increasing the popularity of a website or blog that has a positive impact on your Alexa Ranking. 

All the tips mentioned above are very basic and simple, easy to follow and can be easily used to increase your blog’s Alexa ranking.


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