Why is Google AdSense Payment Automatically Pending?


Usually Google will send money from Blog every 22nd of every month. Delivery can be via Western Union or directly transfer to a Local Bank that we have entered into the Google AdSense payment data account, and we can immediately take the money.

Why is Google AdSense Payment Automatically Pending
Tech Khabri

It’s the 22nd, but how come my payment from AdSense hasn’t arrived? Wait a minute. Please check the payment section. Check your Payment Status. The payment that has been sent will say “Payment has been sent in the amount of Rp. Xxx.xxx.xxx, xx” that means the money can already be taken in western union, after the payment status is taken it will change to “Paid status” .

While for those who have not been paid, usually the payment status from Google AdSense is still written “Automatic Payment delayed” or “Payment Automatic Pending” . You don’t worry, Google will still pay for your AdSense results, this status shows that payments are still awaited because on 22nd it coincides with Weekends (Thanksgiving national holidays, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday regional holidays in the United States), try checking the calendar now if not Friday, Saturday or Sunday are usually not sent.

Because on weekends all payment operations are on holiday, so please wait until the time is around 1-3 days. If estimated on Monday-Wednesday. You can be sure on Monday your AdSense payments will go straight in and can be taken. For those who have Google AdSense payment through Western Union, they can be taken at the Post Office, for those who use the wire transfer method, please check their respective accounts.


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