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3 Best Text Editor For Programmers

some of the best text editors for coding – For a programmer, of course a text editor becomes something that is very much needed. This software is useful for making it easier to write various programming languages. Not only that, text editors are usually also used by web designers to beautify their web pages.
In a text editor there are usually some common features such as code folding, line number, line marking, snippet syntax highlighting, search and replace syntax, commenting on a block of program code, and others. These features can also be used by beginners who want to learn coding.
Best Text Editor Selection
Actually, software or text editor applications are available in very large numbers, but of course there are some of the best. Here are some recommended text editor options for use by a programmer:
1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text also has tons of features that can be used, some of which are goto anything, distraction free mode, split editing, instant project switch, command palette, multiple selections, customize anything, and API plugins. Not quite up there, sublime Text also has many plugins that can download plugins on the Internet.
There are two versions for this software, free and also paid. With a very simple user interface and good features and performance you will definitely love it.
2. Notepad ++

Notepad ++ has several programming languages ​​including CSS, HTML, Java, Javascript, Pascal, Assembly, C, C ++, C #, Perl, PHP, Python, and many more. Supporting Windows devices, notepad ++ can be run so lightly.
That is why this software is widely used by programmers or web designers. Similar to notepad, it’s just that notepad ++ is much more complete and complete.
3. Atom

Atom is actually not too different from sublime text. This is because the process of developing software is inspired by sublime text.
On atom, you can install many additional plugins to help complete the coding or programming project that has been designed. In fact, the coder software has been equipped with an open source license and is available for OS X, Linux, and Windows platforms.

For myself, atom is a text editor that I really like. Because in writing more facilitated with text suggestions that match what is in the file that is opened. I have used Atom in developing several applications and websites.
Now for you who want to tweak the programming language , you can try one of the software above. Some of them are even available on the Google Play Store, making it easier without the hassle of turning on and off a computer or laptop. I submit all this information, hopefully useful.

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