Google AdSense Indonesia Latest HPK List

When talking about Google AdSense , of course we will not be separated with the name HPK (High Paying Keywords) or in Indonesian we can interpret it as a high-paid keyword. As we all know, that so far the High Paying Keywords or HPK are identical to foreign Niche, such as Health or the most popular is Mesothelioma. In fact, there are also Google AdSense HPK from Indonesia, meaning there are also certain keywords that have a CPC (Cost Per Click) or a high pay per click value. Well, these high paid keywords are what we will discuss in this article.

Google AdSense Indonesia's latest HPK list

Previously I would like to say that keywords that are included in the Google AdSense HPK will not guarantee that the CPC you get will also be large, because CPC / Value per Click is calculated not only based on the Keywords used on a Blog, but there are other factors It also affects the size of the CPC that you will get, such as the origin of visitors, the quality of content, the selection of ad types, and many others.

We are back on the topic, in this article
Namina will provide the latest Google AdSense Indonesia HPK List  from various Niche or Topics, and I will sort from those who have high to lowest fees.

Maybe just go ahead, please refer to the following collection of hundreds of HPK Google AdSense Indonesia:

Google AdSense Indonesia HPK Niche Insurance

Both local and outside, niche insurance always has a very high CPC, this is because many advertisers are ‘all-out’ in bidding advertisements on AdWords, so don’t be surprised if the niche or keywords related to insurance are always included in Google AdSense HPK , for example, some keywords below.

Keywords CPC
insurance development Rp. 31,635
insurance policy Rp. 31,087
insurance picture Rp. 29,674
health insurance law Rp. 29,492
insurance offer Rp. 28,210
tripakarta insurance Rp. 27,955
sell insurance Rp. 27,755
Indonesian inhealth life insurance Rp. 26,367
insurance problem Rp. 24,322
mas insurance products Rp. 23,851
insurance law Rp. 23,779
fire insurance paper Rp. 23,638
insurance for the elderly Rp. 23,594
asei insurance Rp. 23,550
Indonesian Cigna Insurance Rp. 23,276
health insurance for employees Rp. 23.127
raharja service insurance Rp. 22,744
signa insurance Rp. 22,127
list of the best insurance in Indonesia Rp. 21,990
sample insurance paper Rp. 21,049
cigna insurance Rp. 20,503
insurance paper Rp. 19,892
pt Indonesian health insurance Rp. 19,643
insurance simas Rp. 19,548
insurance claim Rp. 18,491
social health insurance Rp. 18,104
equity health insurance Rp. 18,050
cashless health insurance Rp. 17,920
lippo insurance Rp. 17.117
insurance classification Rp. 16,896


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Health

It is undeniable that the health niche, about healthy lifestyles or keywords about medicine such as disease problems, we can be sure that these keywords will have a high CPC, this can happen other than because of the large number of competition (advertisers) due to other factors which might be obtained from these keywords.

Keywords CPC
contagious eye pain Rp. 69,983
back pain during pregnancy Rp. 52,551
how to treat eye pain Rp. 47,714
eye pain medication for babies Rp. 34,964
eye pain in babies Rp. 34,560
right stomachache Rp. 33,494
cancer pain Rp. 32,519
lower back pain Rp. 26,055
right back pain medicine Rp. 23,594
understanding of health according to who Rp. 26,599
healthy according to who Rp. 22,709
upper abdominal pain Rp. 22,075
prolonged headache Rp. 21,910
dharmais cancer hospital Rp. 20.169
backbone hurt Rp. 19,263
the cause of back headaches Rp. 19,041
back headache Rp. 18,581
right back pain Rp. 16,994
heartburn Rp. 16,542
kinds of headaches Rp. 15,448
pain in the spine Rp. 15,433
back neck pain Rp. 15,348
sore eyes Rp. 15.105
right headache Rp. 14,621
continuous headache Rp. 14,479
back neck hurts Rp. 14,193
type of headache type Rp. 14.168
healthy teeth Rp. 11,416
healthy kidneys Rp. 11,364
the latest healthy info Rp. 8,163
clean and healthy lifestyle Rp. 6,063
healthy food info Rp. 5,623
beautiful and healthy skin Rp. 5.113
speech about healthy living Rp. 5.106
healthy woman Rp. 4,670
articles on healthy living Rp. 4,670
healthy pregnant women Rp. 4,653
definition of a healthy lifestyle Rp. 4.492
healthy lifestyle with exercise Rp. 4.311
understanding of a healthy lifestyle Rp. 4,306
healthy tips for pregnant women Rp. 4,192
a healthy diet Rp. 4.118
understanding of healthy living Rp. 4.101
article about healthy environment Rp. 4,067
healthy skin tips Rp. 3,911
the meaning of healthy life Rp. 3,864
example of a healthy lifestyle Rp. 3,847
unhealthy lifestyle Rp. 3,823
healthy eating patterns Rp. 3,733
healthy way of life Rp. 3.718
live healthy without drugs Rp. 3,607
healthy eyes Rp. 3,591
fast and healthy diet tips Rp. 3,573
hembing healthy life Rp. 3,545
healthy and beautiful skin Rp. 3,443


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Business

Business is one niche that is quite popular among Indonesian bloggers, because to write articles about business, you can say it’s easier than health / insurance.
The number of searches about niche businesses, making keywords related to business always has a high CPC.

Keywords CPC
hotel business Rp. 47,232
forex business without capital Rp. 45,214
business feasibility study Rp. 36,357
forex business way Rp. 34,859
business management Rp. 31,005
business introductory paper Rp. 29,058
forex business Rp. 25,189
forex business Rp. 22,898
business sense Rp. 22,307
online business tips Rp. 2170
business law Rp. 20.902
forex investment business Rp. 20,190
business capital of 2 million Rp. 18,786
online stock business Rp. 16,358
example of an online business Rp. 15,785
trading business Rp. 14.808
online business success Rp. 14,504
kind of online business type Rp. 13,789
business application Rp. 13,012
start a business without capital Rp. 12,617
the way property business without capital Rp. 12.124
stock business Rp. 11,656
the way the stock business Rp. 11,024
how to start a property business Rp. 10.474
business Rp. 10,450
business process Rp. 10.243
how to succeed online business Rp. 8.963
online business opportunity Rp. 8,701
online business site Rp. 8,319
paypal business Rp. 8,285


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Marketing

The niche around Marketing / Marketing is also one of the niches included in the Google AdSense HPK in Indonesian.
Although the word marketing comes from English, but the word is quite familiar and also often used in writing Indonesian articles.

Keywords CPC
Indonesian online marketing Rp. 133,572
marketing process and consumer behavior Rp. 117,733
marketing banking Rp. 84,220
marketing organizational structure Rp. 71,608
marketing duties and responsibilities Rp. 70,953
internet marketing is Rp. 59,951
marketing information system Rp. 58,505
understanding of e-marketing Rp. 57,235
marketing management Rp. 53.152
learn affiliate marketing Rp. 44,853
what is internet marketing Rp. 40,823
marketing management Rp. 39,847
marketing intelligence Rp. 35,034
example of email marketing Rp. 34,156
marketing terms Rp. 33,075
the task of marketing manager Rp. 30,207
marketing tip Rp. 28,559
housing marketing strategy Rp. 27,712
good marketing method Rp. 27,698
hotel marketing management Rp. 26,640
pt djarum’s marketing strategy Rp. 24,226
internet marketing training Rp. 23,711
internet marketing seminar Rp. 20.252
example of a marketing strategy Rp. 19.756
marketing article Rp. 18,462
international marketing Rp. 18,321
learn online marketing Rp. 17,030
internet marketing Rp. 14.608
digital marketing indonesia Rp. 13,796
online business marketing Rp. 13,652
example of a marketing mix Rp. 13,559
example of marketing research Rp. 11,480
insurance marketing Rp. 11.159
learn internet marketing Rp. 10,865
marketing research Rp. 10.687
Indonesian internet marketing Rp. 10,592
marketing research Rp. 9,596
the purpose of marketing research Rp. 9,400
social marketing Rp. 8,691
the benefits of marketing research Rp. 8,646
online marketing business Rp. 8,615
international marketing management journal Rp. 8.495
marketing research process Rp. 7,961
marketing marketing Rp. 7,809
understanding of marketing research Rp. 6.320
advertising marketing Rp. 4,480
pdf marketing management thesis Rp. 4.236
marketing strategy Rp. 4.225
marketing of ornamental fish Rp. 4,008
agricultural marketing Rp. 3,844
example of a marketing management journal Rp. 3.494
online marketing is Rp. 2,866
Toyota marketing Rp. 2,832
property marketing strategy Rp. 2,627
home marketing Rp. 2.491
car marketing Rp. 2,455
effective marketing methods Rp. 2,389
Luwak coffee marketing Rp. 2.318
marketing services Rp. 2,266
shoe marketing Rp. 2.188


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Internet

Having a broad market, creating a niche or keywords related to the Internet has a high value per click, besides that internet niches can also be easily juxtaposed with other niches, such as marketing (internet marketing) and banking (internet banking).

Keywords CPC
internet billing Rp. 45,016
Indonesian internet radio Rp. 37.158
how to speed up internet browsing Rp. 30,500
speed up internet connection Rp. 28,985
internet marketing training Rp. 23,711
internet service provider indonesia Rp. 23.255
understanding of internet access Rp. 21,120
internet marketing seminar Rp. 20.252
data on internet users in Indonesia Rp. 18.122
bri bank internet banking Rp. 17,924
This is internet banking Rp. 14,282
free internet settings xl Rp. 12,238
make money on the internet Rp. 10.910
learn internet marketing Rp. 10,865
Indonesian internet marketing Rp. 10,592
free internet way xl Rp. 10.157
internet test Rp. 10,045
bri internet banking Rp. 9,725
internet sharing Rp. 9,591
advertising on the internet Rp. 9,422
Mandiri internet Rp. 9,394
internet axis package rates Rp. 8,780
free internet tricks xl Rp. 8,446
internet axis package Rp. 8,362
list of internet axis packages Rp. 8,174
check internet speed Rp. 8.110
internet download manager registration Rp. 8,087
internet unlimited axis Rp. 7,941
GSM internet package Rp. 7,720


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Online

Not much different from the internet niche, where online niches are also one of the niches included in the Google AdSense HPK Indonesian language with a value per click which averages above $ 0.5 or five thousand more.
Almost all words that are combined with the word ‘online’ always have a high CPC, such as games, business and investment.

Keywords CPC
yulgang online indonesia Rp. 34,661
Indonesian online cabal Rp. 32,401
online hotel reservation Rp. 30,264
indonesian mandarin online dictionary Rp. 27,412
online stock trading Rp. 24,710
online radio software Rp. 18,073
bandung online radio Rp. 15,528
online binus Rp. 15,344
online stock Rp. 14,436
Naruto online comics Rp. 11,732
point blank online game Indonesia Rp. 10.816
online dance game Rp. 10,078
gramedia online where to download free Rp. 9,445
online radio Surabaya Rp. 9,434
online business Rp. 9,335
register online games Rp. 8,854
online female games Rp. 8.494
online business site Rp. 8,319
online shop website Rp. 8,279
online gambling site Rp. 8.195
order flowers online Rp. 8,025
online football game Rp. 7,724
online investment Rp. 7,709
online investment business Rp. 7.479
online game rpg Rp. 7,464
princess online shop Rp. 7.394
online interest Rp. 7,080
online shop building services Rp. 7,025
online rpg game Rp. 7,009


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Loans

Loans or we often refer to it as debt, can be an alternative or choice for those of you who want to choose the HPK niche but with competition that is not too tight (a little).
However, to write articles about loans is also not an easy thing, because we are required to know how the loan works.

Keywords CPC
need a loan without collateral Rp. 18,856
loans without Islamic bank collateral Rp. 18,416
loan interest Rp. 15,302
find loan money Rp. 12,800
small business loan Rp. 12,431
unsecured Islamic loans Rp. 10,979
foreign loans Rp. 10,947
loan to build a house Rp. 10,569
the loan is immediately liquid Rp. 10,153
bpkb cash guarantee loan Rp. 9,447
loan from a foreign bank Rp. 9,151
bank cash loan Rp. 8,795
loan sharks Rp. 8,080
Bandung loan Rp. 7,847
car loan bpkb loan Rp. 7,787
loan loan Rp. 7,685
bank loan funds Rp. 7,447
bpkb car loan guarantee Rp. 7,368
working capital loan Rp. 7,131
loans for small businesses Rp. 7.017
loan guarantees home certificates Rp. 6,968
emergency loan Rp. 6,923
light loan Rp. 6,833
look for fast loans Rp. 6,739
loans without collateral bandung Rp. 6,705
bpkb security loan Rp. 6,701
bandung loan Rp. 6,410
bank loan Rp. 6,308
kta loan table Rp. 6,129
loans with bpkb guarantee Rp. 6,120


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Pegadaian

If the loan is entered into the Google AdSense HPK Indonesian Language, then pawnshops as the place most visited by people to make loans, naturally it is also included in the High Paying Keywords List of Google AdSense Indonesia.
For example in the following keywords.

Keywords CPC
gold pawnshops investment Rp. 25,500
how to invest gold in pawnshops Rp. 20,440
investing in gold in pawnshops Rp. 14.807
borrow money at a pawnshop Rp. 3.191
Jakarta pawnshop Rp. 2.797
how to borrow money at a pawnshop Rp. 1969
pawnshop telephone number Rp. 1,799
pawning bpkb motorbike Rp. 1,685
mortgage credit Rp. 1,634
Indonesian pawnshop Rp. 1,613
mortgage loan Rp. 1,430
Bandung pawnshop Rp. 1.89
how to borrow money at a pawnshop Rp. 1,137
laptop pawnshop Rp. 1,016


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Investment

Invest in any way, whether through gold, stocks or even foreign exchange (foreign exchange), all of which are always identical with big profits.
This is one of the reasons why niche investments have a very large niche compared to other niches.

Keywords CPC
foreign exchange investment Rp. 50.059
forex investment Rp. 41,273
kaskus gold investment Rp. 31,150
trusted forex investment Rp. 30,908
investment in shares Rp. 28,999
investment stock Rp. 27,855
beginner stock investment Rp. 27,111
trading investment Rp. 26,791
forex investment business Rp. 20,190
gold investment strategy Rp. 19,051
gold investment Rp. 18,349
investment analysis Rp. 18,283
home investment Rp. 17,828
online stock investment Rp. 17,429
gold dinar investment Rp. 17,414
gold investment tips Rp. 17.142
profit sharing forex investment Rp. 16,954
forex investment Rp. 16,414
investment in gold coins Rp. 15,934
investment in forex Rp. 15,917
dinar investment Rp. 15.752
gold investment profits Rp. 15,619
stock investment business Rp. 15,314
gold investment opportunity Rp. 14,973
stock investment for beginners Rp. 14,322
sharia forex investment Rp. 12,964
online gold investment Rp. 11,857
property investment tips Rp. 11,268
stock investment for beginners Rp. 11,066
health and investment insurance Rp. 11,024


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Credit

Credit is actually not much different from loans, where the point is we are both ‘debt’.
But both of them still have differences, especially in terms of interest and also the deadline for returns.

Keywords CPC
understanding of investment credit Rp. 21,275
credit card hotel promo Rp. 7:00 p.m.
auto credit Rp. 18,030
credit terms Rp. 16,460
current account credit Rp. 16,254
independent titanium credit card Rp. 16,191
credit aeon Rp. 13,261
the meaning of credit Rp. 12,800
working capital credit Rp. 10,255
bad credit Rp. 9,690
credit without collateral Rp. 9,413
terms of credit terms Rp. 9,016
Islamic bank credit Rp. 8,604
This is a sharia credit card Rp. 8,529
credit card number that is still active Rp. 8,426
credit card list Rp. 8,090
understanding of bank credit Rp. 7,963
credit with collateral Rp. 7,886
prepaid credit card Rp. 7,392
make a free credit card Rp. 7.101
credit card business Rp. 6,959
terms of a bri credit card Rp. 6,957
motorcycle loan interest Rp. 6,788
used car credit auto Rp. 6,688
visa credit card number Rp. 6.227
conditions for a standalone credit card Rp. 5,823
apply for an independent online credit card Rp. 5,733
old car loan Rp. 5,725
Mandiri bank credit rates Rp. 5,643
example of a credit card number Rp. 5,583


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Lawyer

One more keyword that is included in the Google AdSense HPK Indonesian language with a fairly low competition, but also a difficult niche to write, because you really are required to understand the law, so I don’t think this niche is too suitable for ordinary people about law.

Keywords CPC
lawyer office Rp. 34,381
richest lawyer Rp. 20,084
Attorney’s office job Rp. 13,727
richest lawyer in Indonesia Rp. 12,081
the most expensive lawyer in Indonesia Rp. 7,321
Jakarta lawyer Rp. 6,446
Indonesian lawyer Rp. 6,388
attorney’s office in jakarta Rp. 3.172
lawyer in jakarta Rp. 3,017
lawyer services Rp. 2,984
vacancies in the lawyer’s office Rp. 2,918
famous lawyer Rp. 2,313
attorney’s fees Rp. 1,736
find a lawyer Rp. 1,688
lawyer vacancies Rp. 1,307
company lawyer Rp. 1,296
attorney David Tobing Rp. 1,258
sunan attorney’s lawyer Rp. 1,230


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Software

Software or software, especially for well-known products such as output from Adobe, Autodesk or other Developers related to design or music, always or almost certainly have a CPC or value per click above average, so at least above Rp.
10,000 (ten thousand rupiah).

Keywords CPC
software speeds up internet connection Rp. 98,437
English translator software Rp. 83,628
software for creating animations Rp. 45,891
graphic design software Rp. 37,259
free hotspot billing software Rp. 37.117
hardware and software Rp. 33,695
forex trading software Rp. 32,609
full software download Rp. 32,108
download animation maker software Rp. 31,489
barcode maker software Rp. 28,643
download translate software Rp. 28,117
software development Rp. 25,639
language translation software Rp. 25,393
computer network software Rp. 21,145
music software Rp. 20,045
network monitoring software Rp. 19,744
clothes design software Rp. 19,343
educational software Rp. 19,332
chemical software Rp. 19,093
software for t-shirt design Rp. 18,785
simulation software Rp. 18,337
free sales software Rp. 18,188
online radio software Rp. 18,073
presentation software Rp. 17,341
free hotspot software Rp. 17,110
mini market software Rp. 16,690
project management software Rp. 14,478
download digital Quran software Rp. 14,370
download the latest free software Rp. 13,836


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Computer

Things about computers, both in terms of their knowledge and computer equipment or often referred to as hardware, are also one of the potential niches to be used as the main niche of a blog.
But, I need to remind you that niche computers are also one of the niches with fairly tight competition.

Keywords CPC
mainframe computer Rp. 187,705
computer forensics Rp. 45,427
computer installation Rp. 35.155
how to operate a computer Rp. 35,074
computer news Rp. 32,478
computer network software Rp. 21,145
download applications for computers Rp. 21,118
computer journal Rp. 19,065
computer rental Rp. 15.166
computer for games Rp. 14,316
computer rental Rp. 12,473
free ebook computer Rp. 11,612
cheap computer rental Rp. 10,373
computer rental prices Rp. 10,350
learn computer networks Rp. 10.155
computer rental jakarta Rp. 9,379
computer software collection Rp. 9.165
Bandung computer rental Rp. 9,046
certified computer course Rp. 8.716
computer spec for games Rp. 7,939
the price of the computer is built up Rp. 7,848
computer module Rp. 7,267
computer wallpaper Rp. 7.140
how to open a computer password Rp. 6.811
Cheat GTA San Andreas computer Rp. 6.811
remote computer Rp. 6,789
used computer center Rp. 6,692
the latest computer program Rp. 6.618
computer prices now Rp. 6,478
Surabaya computer shop Rp. 6,193


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Hosting

As far as I know, niche Hosting is the Google AdSense HPK, the highest paid or the highest current, even one of the keywords has a CPC above Rp.
150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs). However, you should think twice before taking this niche, because the competition is so tight on Google.

Keywords CPC
how to create your own hosting Rp. 160,057
Indonesian hosting server Rp. 137,272
hosting plaza Rp. 88,306
how to create a hosting server Rp. 80,325
how to create web hosting Rp. 78,029
free hosting server Rp. 70,473
cheapest web hosting Rp. 67,760
cheap vps hosting Rp. 66.701
hosting list Rp. 61,153
buy domains and cheap hosting Rp. 53,420
how to host a website Rp. 50,767
vps hosting indonesia Rp. 49,690
best hosting indonesia Rp. 49,671
buy cheap hosting Rp. 47,304
Surabaya web hosting Rp. 47,222
check hosting Rp. 45,213
Indonesia’s best web hosting Rp. 40,824
hosting service Rp. 40,086
magnet hosting Rp. 39,630
top hosting indonesia Rp. 37,036
the best hosting Rp. 34,604
cheap hosting and domain Rp. 34,319
the best hosting place Rp. 33,269
Indonesian web hosting Rp. 30,496
windows hosting indonesia Rp. 30,451
Indonesian domain hosting Rp. 29,751
hosting company Rp. 28,136
list of free web hosting Rp. 28,070
hosting and domain Rp. 27,825
cheap hosting Indonesia Rp. 27,722


HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Blogging

The last high paid Google AdSense niche and also one of the most widely used niches around the world is Niche Blogging.
This is because, tutorials about blogging and SEO are considered as one of the most appropriate articles written not only for the reader but also the creator of the blog itself, and some of the keywords below may be your reference in writing articles about blogging.

Keywords CPC
how to create a blog with blogger Rp. 51,898
how to create a blog Rp. 41,949
make money with a blog Rp. 40,490
the best blog Rp. 32,025
blog ad Rp. 25,895
free blog domain Rp. 25,808
ads on blogs Rp. 25,331
how to design a blog Rp. 24,304
buying and selling blogs Rp. 23,824
designing a blog Rp. 23,369
blog theme Rp. 19,824
how to use a blog Rp. 18,485
animation for blogs Rp. 18,010
list of Indonesian blogs Rp. 15,348
clock widget for blog Rp. 14,014
blogs that make money Rp. 13,863
free blog theme Rp. 13,719
advertise on the blog Rp. 12,987
blog design Rp. 12,525
download the xml blog template Rp. 12,347
seo technique Rp. 1995
Surabaya seo services Rp. 12.101
Indonesian seo services Rp. 11,421
seo services jakarta Rp. 11.169
seo book Rp. 10,953
blog site Rp. 9,130
best SEO services Rp. 9,650
SEO website Rp. 7.792
SEO services Rp. 7,663
seo indonesia Rp. 7.128
improve seo Rp. 6,805
seo articles Rp. 6,766
seo understanding Rp. 6,299
Seo services guaranteed Rp. 5,849
cheap SEO services Rp. 5,814
about seo Rp. 5.346
SEO services Rp. 5.246
learn seo Rp. 4.981
SEO optimization Rp. 4.204
learn seo free Rp. 3,654
SEO service Rp. 3,647
cheap seo Rp. 3.477
seo surabaya Rp. 2,756
free SEO software Rp. 2,751
seo beginner Rp. 2,358

As I said above, even though a keyword is included in the Google Language AdSense Indonesia HPK List, again I say that there is no guarantee that the value per click that you will get will also be large.
However, keywords included in the Google AdSense HPK certainly have the opportunity to get value per click that is far greater than other keywords that are not included in the Google AdSense HPK.