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How to Deactivate Right Click and Inspect on Blogger

One of your reasons for applying How to Disable Right Clicks and Inspect on Blogger is to reduce duplicate content that is intentionally removed and republished on other people’s blogs.


Content duplication is one of the bad things for a blog, most beginner bloggers who don’t have the knowledge to copy and paste all articles from other people’s websites or blogs and publish them on their own blogs for the sake of the progress of the blog.

Actually in the case of Copas, the owner of the original article will be adversely affected, as the article will become duplicate content. Because in this case Google is fighting sites that have duplicate content, then it could be your attempt to make different things for articles and SEO of your blog will be in vain, even I have found similar things, the whole article was copied without sources. But worse, the copaser article, the ranking is higher than the original content you posted. 

To prevent this, you can do the method below. The way it works is to deactivate the right click function and some CTRL functions on the keyboard.

How to Deactivate Right Click and Inspect on Blogger

Open the Blogger dashboard > Click the Themes menu and Edit HTML > Add the code below before the code</body>

<script type='text/javascript'>
// Inspect
var message="Ah, nice try";function clickIE4(){if(2==event.button)return alert(message),!1}function clickNS4(e){if((document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all)&&(2==e.which||3==e.which))return alert(message),!1}document.layers?(document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN),document.onmousedown=clickNS4):document.all&&!document.getElementById&&(document.onmousedown=clickIE4),document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false");
!function t(){try{!function t(n){1===(""+n/n).length&&0!==n||function(){}.constructor("debugger")(),t(++n)}(0)}catch(n){setTimeout(t,5e3)}}();
shortcut={all_shortcuts:{},add:function(e,t,a){var o={type:"keydown",propagate:!1,disable_in_input:!1,target:document,keycode:!1};if(a)for(var r in o)void 0===a[r]&&(a[r]=o[r]);else a=o;o=a.target,"string"==typeof a.target&&(o=document.getElementById(a.target)),e=e.toLowerCase(),r=function(o){var r;if((o=o||window.event,a.disable_in_input)&&(o.target?r=o.target:o.srcElement&&(r=o.srcElement),3==r.nodeType&&(r=r.parentNode),"INPUT"==r.tagName||"TEXTAREA"==r.tagName))return;o.keyCode?code=o.keyCode:o.which&&(code=o.which),r=String.fromCharCode(code).toLowerCase(),188==code&&(r=","),190==code&&(r=".");var n=e.split("+"),c=0,l={"`":"~",1:"!",2:"@",3:"#",4:"$",5:"%",6:"^",7:"&",8:"*",9:"(",0:")","-":"_","=":"+",";":":","'":'"',",":"<",".":">","/":"?","\\":"|"},s={esc:27,escape:27,tab:9,space:32,return:13,enter:13,backspace:8,scrolllock:145,scroll_lock:145,scroll:145,capslock:20,caps_lock:20,caps:20,numlock:144,num_lock:144,num:144,pause:19,break:19,insert:45,home:36,delete:46,end:35,pageup:33,page_up:33,pu:33,pagedown:34,page_down:34,pd:34,left:37,up:38,right:39,down:40,f1:112,f2:113,f3:114,f4:115,f5:116,f6:117,f7:118,f8:119,f9:120,f10:121,f11:122,f12:123},i=!1,d=!1,p=!1,u=!1,h=!1,f=!1,g=!1,v=!1;o.ctrlKey&&(u=!0),o.shiftKey&&(d=!0),o.altKey&&(f=!0),o.metaKey&&(v=!0);for(var y=0;k=n[y],y<n.length;y++)"ctrl"==k||"control"==k?(c++,p=!0):"shift"==k?(c++,i=!0):"alt"==k?(c++,h=!0):"meta"==k?(c++,g=!0):1<k.length?s[k]==code&&c++:a.keycode?a.keycode==code&&c++:r==k?c++:l[r]&&o.shiftKey&&(r=l[r],r==k&&c++);if(c==n.length&&u==p&&d==i&&f==h&&v==g&&(t(o),!a.propagate))return o.cancelBubble=!0,o.returnValue=!1,o.stopPropagation&&(o.stopPropagation(),o.preventDefault()),!1},this.all_shortcuts[e]={callback:r,target:o,event:a.type},o.addEventListener?o.addEventListener(a.type,r,!1):o.attachEvent?o.attachEvent("on"+a.type,r):o["on"+a.type]=r},remove:function(e){e=e.toLowerCase();var t=this.all_shortcuts[e];if(delete this.all_shortcuts[e],t){e=t.event;var a=t.target;t=t.callback;a.detachEvent?a.detachEvent("on"+e,t):a.removeEventListener?a.removeEventListener(e,t,!1):a["on"+e]=!1}}},shortcut.add("Ctrl+U",function(){alert("Cmon, you better than this")}),shortcut.add("Meta+Alt+U",function(){alert("This is joke right?")}),shortcut.add("Ctrl+C",function(){alert("Wow, amazing!")}),shortcut.add("Meta+C",function(){alert("This is joke right?")});

Edit posts marked with their own writing
After that click the Save theme button and see the results on your blog. 

Examples of applications are below. Please right-click on the area inside, a warning will appear:

Indeed, by doing this trick will not fully guarantee that your blog can not be removed, because there is always a way to outsmart it by deactivating javascript for your blog in the browser. So, to make it more secure add this code in the template before the code</head>

<style type='text/css'>
/* No Script */
.noscript{background:#2599cf;color:#fff;padding:8% 0 0 0;position:fixed;bottom:0;left:0;top:0;right:0;z-index:1000;height:auto;-webkit-transform:translateZ(0);transform:translateZ(0);overflow:hidden}
.noscript p{margin:0;text-align:center;padding:0 20px 10px 20px;margin:auto;font-size:3rem;line-height:1.5;font-family:monospace;max-width:1010px;font-weight:500}
.noscript p span{color:#ffe88b;font-size:10rem;line-height:normal;font-weight:normal}

And add the code below right below the code <body>

<div class='noscript'>
  <p>Please Enable Javascript to view our site content</p>
  <p>Thank you</p>

Click the Save theme button . 

The code above is a warning to users who disable javascript for your blog in their browser. 

So from Namina for How to Disable Right-Click and Inspect on Blogger , hopefully it’s useful.

Anubhav Kushwahahttp://www.techkhabri.com
Friend Mai Koi Professional Blogger Nahi Hun Bas Mere Pas Jis Bhi Chij Ki Information Hai Mai Apke Sath Share Karta Hun To Ummid Hai Ki Mere Dawra Di Gai Information Apko Samj Me Aai Hogi. Thanks For Support 🙏🙏🙏


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