How to Replace All File Extensions in Windows Without Applications


the easiest way to massively change file formats in windows – Welcome back to this article this time! This article might be a very short article. As per the title, I will give a tutorial to change the extension of all files in a single folder in Windows, aka the whole alias.

No need for additional applications to change the extension in Windows. Because all that can be done with 1 command line in CMD . Here is how

1. Enter the directory that contains the file you want to massively change the extension. For example like the picture below

2. Type cmd in the directory links section

3. After CMD is open, you can massively change all file extensions by entering the following command line into cmd.



ren *.html *.jpg

4. Tadaa … Automatically all files in html format were changed to jpg

Okay, that’s all this brief article about how to replace many one-click file formats in Windows . May be useful! Thank you!


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