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Submit URLs to 50+ Search Engines with One Click

How to register links / urls to many search sites with one click – Heyhoooo … How are you, bro? Turn back on the blogging site with interesting articles about informatics! This article will discuss how to submit a url to a web search engine or web search engine.

Maybe someone doesn’t know what a search engine or search engine is? 
Search engines or search engines  are computer programs that are made to search for file files that have been uploaded to a web. For example writing articles, photos, videos, and games can be searched through the web search engine by writing keywords.

There have been many web search engine sites like Google , Bing , Yahoo ,Yandex , and others. 
If you have a blog, or have uploaded files, I suggest registering a url from a blog or file that has been uploaded to a search engine or search engine. 

What are the benefits of registering a url to the search engine? 
This is how the search engine is a search engine, every file that has been uploaded to the internet will appear on search engines by typing in keywords. If you register your url to the search engine, then the data will enter the search engine and other people will be able to visit your url via the search engine.

Actually even though we don’t register urls to search engines, our url can be directly detected by web search engines. But not all, even if we can, we have to wait a few days. But why wait if by registering the url, the url can be detected directly by the registered search engine. 

To register a link to a search engine , we must visit the search engine site that we want to register, then type the url into it and the url can be detected immediately.Let the url be detected to all search sites, we must register the url to all search engine sites. However, there are hundreds of search engines / search engines on the internet. If you want to register the url to the web search engine, one is tired right? Don’t have to register yet. 

Do you know? There are other ways toregister url to many search engines with one click and without a list! Wow, you don’t need to be tired, the url is detected directly to all search engines again! 
Curious right? 
The trick is really easy, bro, there is already a program added to register your url to 50 search engines. Not all search engines, but the search engines supported by this program are search engines with page rank josss. 

The method is really easy. 
1. First you must visit the submit url site, at www.freewebsubmission.com 2. Scroll down the page until you find a form. Let me hurry, just click the “Click Here, Submit Your Site” button on the right side of the page.3. Now after finding a form, just complete it: D
With just one click, you have registered the url to 50 search sites! For advanced, you just need to check your e-mail, then click the link that is sent via e-mail, friend! 
Very easy, kaanss … 
URLs are being visited a lot … Oh Iyak, I haven’t told you, what web searches are supported by this program. 

This program to register / submit url with a single click will register your url to the following search sites: 1. 

2. Bing 
3. Yandex 
4. Open Directory 
5. ASR 
ScrubTheWeb 7. EntireWeb 
8. SimilarSites 
9. A1WebDirectory 
10. ExactSeek 
11. Viesearch 
12. SitePromotionDirectory
13. Sites Web Directory 
14. SubmissionWebDirectory 
15. SecretSELabs 
16. SoMuch 
17. 24/7 Web Directory 
18. Web Gain 
19. 1WebsDirectory 
20. Ananar 
21. GigaBlast 
22. W3 Catalog 
23. Online Society 
24. 9Sites 
25. AceWebDirector 
26. SonicRun 
27. OBLN 
28. Anoox 
29. Tiger Info 
30. Directory Free 
31. DirectMyLink 
32. Pegasus Directory 
33. Nonar 
34. BusinessSeek 
35. IS 
36. LinkRoo 
37. Elite Sites Directory 
38. Bhanvad 
39. Triple W Directory 
40. oneMission 
41. Amphibians
42. MasterMOZ 
43. HotvsNot 
44. Cipinet 
45. Thales Directory 
46. ​​LinkPedia 
47. 10 Directories 
48. Text 
49. Link Center 
50. OneMillionDirectory

Woowww … Lots right? Directly register your url to the widget above! 
So many articles about how to register the url with one click , press CTRL + D to bookmark this page and submit the url to 50 search sites with a single click! 

Anubhav Kushwahahttp://www.techkhabri.com
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