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Understanding Bounce Rate and its Effect with SEO

Understanding Bounce Rate and its Effect with SEO

Talking about the world of blogs, there is one term that is often used as a reference for various interests, the term is bouncerate or bounce ratio, for new bloggers the term bouncerate can be new known and will sound a little strange, then what is the Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate or also known as bounce ratio is the percentage of visitors who only visit one page compared to the total number of visitors, the value of the percentage of bouncerate percentage will be largely determined by the number of visitors who only visit one page and then immediately exit without visiting another page when they visited a blog.

Bounce ratio, one of which is used by Google to measure visitor behavior towards your blog so that this can represent how quality the articles presented by a blog, the smaller the bounce ratio, then Google can easily predict that the content presented on the blog is interesting and of quality to most visitors.

How is the bounce rate calculated?

Bouncerate calculation is actually very easy, namely by counting blog visitors who only visit one page with all visitors.

If written in a formula, the formula for calculating the profit bouncerate is:

Number of visitors who open just 1 page / total visitors x 100%

For more details, Suppose your blog gets 1,000 visitors, but there are 250 visitors who visit your blog open 1 page then just go out of your blog, then your blog’s bounce rate or bounce rate is:

250 / 1,000 x 100% = 25%

The ratio of bounces or buncerate of your blog is 25%, meaning that the more number of visitors who only open 1 page, the bounce ratio will be even greater, and the greater the bounce ratio means that the quality of your blog is very bad.

What is a good percentage of Bouncerate?

I don’t know whether Google explains specific numbers about good bouncerate or not, but based on many opinions from bloggers, a good bouncerate rate is around 20%, and the smaller the number the better.

But remember the actual bouncerate number is only an estimate, and it is not entirely true that the quality of blogs that have high bouncerate numbers is bad, because blogs that are only 1 page will have a 100% bouncerate percentage rate and that doesn’t mean the blog is bad.

There are many quality measuring factors that can affect the bouncerate value swell, if the quality measuring factors are met and rightly so, we can just rate the quality of the blog badly.

How can I see the bouncerate value of my blog?

to see the bouncerate value of a blog is very easy, you can see it on google analytics if your blog happens to be associated with google analytics, or you can also view it using the alexa toolbar browser plugin.

a. Using Alexa Traffic Rank

How to see the bouncerate with alexa can use the alexa toolbar. with Alexa Traffic Rank you can also see the bouncerate value of other people’s blogs, the steps are as follows:

Please install the Alexa Traffic Rank plugin on the browser you are using.

Click the Alexa Traffic Rank tool   that is already installed in your browser, then click on the blog url that appears, like the image below:

On the alexa page that opens, please scroll a little to the bottom, and you will see information about the blog bouncerate value as shown in the image below:

What causes the bouncerate number to swell?

A good bouncerate is a bouncerate with a small percentage value, the smaller it is the better and the bigger means it can be interpreted that a bad blog bouncerate.

A bad blog bouncerate number indicates that a lot of visitors who only open one page of the blog and then immediately leave, this can be interpreted that the blog article is not liked or bad blog repository in the eyes of visitors.

There are many reasons why bouncerate numbers swell, some of which are as follows:

a. Blogs only present 1 page only.

Don’t ask, if the blog only has 1 page, the bouncerate value will be 100%. but this does not mean the quality of the blog is bad because visitors do not have a choice so that only one page is read.

b. The title of the article presented is less interesting.

The next thing that causes a high bouncerate number is, the title of the article presented is less interesting to read, so that when a visitor enters your blog through a search engine for example, then he will only read one of those articles without opening another article and leave immediately.

c. Blog loading is too long

If loading a blog is too long in the eyes of visitors, most visitors will immediately exit after entering your blog page which is still loading does not display the contents of the page. this is also allegedly one of the causes of bouncerate swell.

d. Blog pages are overloaded with popup ads

Anyone must be frustrated when entering a blog page filled with floating ads or popups so that it covers the page, most average readers will immediately leave the blog if the blog page is filled with advertisements and this can be a cause of bouncerate a high blog.

e. Poor quality

blog content Poor quality blog content, for example, very little or no valuable information in it can cause visitors to leave immediately.

How do you fix a Bouncerate Blog?

There are many ways to improve bouncerate, some of which are as follows:

a. Speed ​​up loading of blog pages

If loading your blog page above 3 seconds speed up, it has been proven that if loading a blog for more than 3 seconds most likely visitors will leave the blog.

b. Presenting higher quality

articles Please present higher quality informative articles that are rich in words.

c. Involve internal links in the article

Don’t forget to involve or insert internal links in each article, so visitors can more easily find articles relevant to the article they are reading. Internal links will lure visitors to read other related articles.

d. Expand the number of articles with interesting titles

Expand the number of articles with interesting titles that can make visitors curious so that when visitors enter your blog they also want to read other articles that you present.

Do bouncerate numbers have an influence on a blog’s ranking?

A blog must always pay attention to matters relating to traffic and comfort of visitors, visitors should be made as long as possible to linger and traffic as much as possible should always be sought to rise or at least constant,

Bouncerate can be said to be important if the size of a bouncerate owned by a blog can affect the traffic and popularity of a site, if not then the bounce ratio numbers can only be used for other things as a reference number that can measure the behavior of blog visitors and the quality of the blog articles presented.

If the percentage is small, it means that the blog is very liked by visitors, but if the number is large it means there is a big question for the blog whether the content presented is less attractive to visitors or something else.

Does bouncerate affect SEO?

Bouncerate is one of the information that we can see the information on Google Analytics, but according to a mattcut in a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgBw9tbAQhU), Google does not use Google Analytics data to influence the ranking of a website, meaning bouncerate is not one of the seo factors, so the size of the bounce rate of a blog has no effect on the ranking of a blog in search results (SERP).

Is it important to bouncerate?

For some bloggers bouncerate number information will be very important for blogs that hunt pageview, whether for online business or other matters, so that bouncerate numbers can be used as a reference whether the blog should be fixed or not. if the percentage is very large for example above 50%, then the blog needs to be improved, especially from the presentation of content and also internal links, the smaller the bouncerate number indicates that blog visitors are targeted visitors who like your blog articles.

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